Monday, June 29, 2009


I am obsessed....

Everything Woodstock is so intriguing and interesting to me. If I had the chance to take a trip in a Delorian, I would without a doubt, choose to go to Bethel, New York for the 3 day festival.

I recently purchased a really neat collectors edition of Woodstock documentaries and replicas of ticket stubs and items used and seen at the festival. What a great purchase.

Watching the documentaries is SOOOOO cool to me. I love seeing how these people lived and how 1,000,000+ people loved and cared for one another and were all there for the same reason. For peace, love and music. There were no problems at the festival. Just a bunch of free spirited, drug having, happliy tripping music lovers.

I have come to learn of all the performers and their music. My favorite of the festival would have to be Janis Joplin, Crosby Stills Nash, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix....basically all of the bands.

I would like to share my favorite performance. It is Joe Cocker's rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends. Just watching the passion and intensity of this song sends chills down my spine and has me smiling from ear to ear. So fun to watch! Enjoy....

Definitely one of my FAVORITE things.


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