Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good People

There is something about good people that swells my heart. I have always LOVED seeing good samaritans in action. For example: A few years back I was driving with my mom and we were stuck behind a few cars. The light was green and nobody was moving! I was getting irritated, but mostly because I can be somewhat impatient. The next thing I could see were people in the street. When I finally zoned in on what was going on, I saw at least 5 guys who had jumped out of their vehicles and were pushing this gasless vehicle into the nearby Chevron. I just love knowing that these people had no problem helping this car when they could have easily kept going towards where they were headed. Not just one but five! I thought it was cute. Maybe this is something many people have seen, but I know it was a big deal in my life because I still remember it and can visualize it years later. As we got through the intersection, my mom and I talked about good people. I know MANY good people and I am so glad they are in this world.

This 'Good People' blog was inspired by a news story I saw on Friday night. My grandma and I were having dinner and the ABC nightly news was on. The TV was mostly background noise as we were talking and eating our dinner. But if you know my grandma, you know that bathroom breaks are frequent. So she rolled down the hall and I started to watch the TV. It was the end of the news cast and they always have the Person of the Week which I love to see. This particular story had immediately caught my attention because the persons of interest were children with cancer. The story is about Ironworkers who are building a new cancer institute next to the currents institute, called Dana-Farber. The kids enjoy watching them work. One day the kids started making signs that said "hi" and were also putting up signs with their names on them. Since then, the ironworkers have spray painted the kids' names on the beams in fluorescent colors. The story is very touching!

This is the link to the actual news story:

I am a sucker for these types of stories and I would have to say that stuff like this is definitely one of my FAVORITE things! :)

Thanks to all of you who make a difference in peoples' lives!!


Vi said...

Love you! You're a good person.

Randi said...

What a fun story!! You definetly are a good person Em to the fullest! Love Ya :-)

Heidi said...

Good people bring smiles to everyone, like you!!