Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School!!

I am so sad that the summer has come to an end! But I am also excited to get back into school and have a regular schedule and sleep habits. I am also very excited that the football season is right around the corner!!! Saturday is the first U of U game at Michigan. I can't even wait to watch it! I have many goals for this semester and I hope I can fulfill them, inside and outside of the classroom. I have a lack of motivation when it comes to studying. Which is why I'm STILL in college. I also lack the motivation to go to the gym, and eat healthy. Where do I get the motivation that lasts? I'm working on that this semester. Wish me luck! :)

I will get posts with pictures soon!

5 more days until UTAH FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!


Randi said...

Please share the secret of motivation once you discover it, I need some help in that area!! I didn't think I liked football much but I have missed it like crazy these last few months ha-ha. It should be a good season :-)

Mallory said...



Jess said...

Football sucks! but I still love you cuz you rock..
Motivation sucks.... cuz I don't have any....
Weight watchers sucks.
waking up early sucks
doing laundry sucks
changing poopie diapers suck.... but I'd rather do any of the above over watching football so there....

Randi said...

Jess, shame on you for the football comments!!!
So Em... How bout that game?!?!?!
It's going to be a good year! Utah and BYU are ranked so far in the top 25! I can't wait :-)

Heidi said...

Well from the argument with jess and Randi.... Jess your just in denial. Football rocks!!!! Emily I'm excited to!! especially sine the biggest game of the year is on my bday!!!! We might not be friends that day, well depends on who wins... jk

Randi said...

Ok Em... time to update!!! I know you have lots to write :-)