Friday, July 18, 2008


Wednesday night was our clerk party which pretty much meant we all had work off. What an awesome day! Heidi, Randi, and I got together early for a dollar movie and then hit up El Chihuahua for some nachos and HUGE margaritas. As they say, one tequila....two tequila...three tequila...floor. But I say, one tequila...floor!! That drink did something silly to me. But it sure was delicious. Following the Chi HUA HUA we headed for some good old fashioned bowling. Props to Randi and Heidi for organizing it so that we got to have yummy pizza and 2 solid hours of bowling. I didn't do the greatest, but it was just fun all around. (I also have to apologize to Jess for smashing her birdy finger between 2 bowling balls! OUCH!) I think that's about it. Good times. I LOVE the people I work with. 

Here are some fun pictures from the night. :)
Enjoying our Margaritas
The car ride there

Heidi, Katie, and I
Randi and Heidi being silly
Heidi, Randi, Jess and I 

Awesome night!!                                                                                                                          Peace.


Mallory said...

I love El Chihuahua! Have you tried the Death Star?! That drink is lethal... but soooo good!

Jess said...

I forgive you. It was worth the pain. We need to do some more "team building" activities soon!

Joe and Kenzie said...

Hello... why wasn't I invited........ sure I and you forget all about me ha ha just kidding:) How are you emily??? its good to see you have a blog! What are you up to these days....stay in touch

Randi said...

Such cute pictures! Good Job Em :-)
We had so much fun!

Shorty's World said...

i love the pics, that night was so much fun!!!! Lets do it again.